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Do you know that on average we only use 20% of the clothes hanging in our wardrobe?
So what happens to the remaining 80%?
Let me help you with one of my favorite services!

Image by Amanda Vick


Perfect for the change of season in your wardrobe



Declutter the clothes for the current season and put away clothes and for the off season.

2 storage boxes 

Dispose of unwanted items.

Image by Olena Sergienko

Perfect to change the look of your wardrobe


Declutter and reorganise wardrobe space. 

30 velvet hangers 

Dispose of unwanted items.


I provide Taylor Made services and take these aspects into consideration:

Well Organized Closet

You have a daily relationship with your it a pleasant one? Is your wardrobe packed, yet you have nothing to wear? Do you feel some items are “lost” in the abyss of your wardrobe? Maybe you find it difficult to put outfits together or nothing seems to fit.

Let me help: I will plan and organise to make this space shine to achieve a better relationship with your wardrobe!



Wardrobe organisation should be practical and attractive. When everything is clear and accessible, you can make quick decisions and get dressed with ease and confidence!


Hangers are wardrobe heroes: choose the right one to make the single garment last longer, but also so important for the entire wardrobe look!


Folding Clothes

Some items require more care than others, and not every piece of clothing should be stored in the same way. Dealing with your entire wardrobe at once can be daunting: there are so many ways to fold and store your clothes! 

Let's explore the best solution for you, your space and time needs!


Image by Sarah Brown

Declutter is the first step to an organised space! It will help you truly appreciate the pieces you keep and not feel guilty about the pieces that will go. To keep clothes from accumulating again in the future, there are a few things I can teach you.

I will also take care of what will be thrown away, whether you want to give to charity or I can guide you in selling.


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