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Being Italian, the kitchen has a very special place in my heart:

that's why I offer an extensive range of services:

to help you have an organized and easy-to-access pantry, to maximize the space of drawers and cabinets, to facilitate grocery shopping, to support you in your food choices by simply changing the arrangement of food and making it easier for you to plan meals.

All this in order to save you time and money to spend on yourself!


Every kitchen, like every family is different! It is essential to find the flow that works for your needs in your space, starting from cabinets and drawers, finishing with a calming clear bench space.


In this service I will take care of kitchen utensils, pots, containers and all the stuff that is not in your pantry. Starting by understanding if there are too many things to let go of in certain categories and reorganizing the spaces in the most logical and strategic way possible.


pantry make over.jpg

On a budget? Small space? Decanting everything? Natural materials? Glass? Labels? ​Would you like your pantry to be intuitive, calm and organised, but you don't know where to start? I have got this!

Fridge and freezer can be helped too!


In this service I will take care of all your food : starting from throwing away all expired food, categorizing and rearranging as needed.


The Perfect Vegan Sandwich

Studies of Nutrition and Food are part of my Italian background but I am not here to sell any diet!

 I just would like to assist you if you have been diagnosed with food allergies (example: gluten or lactose) or maybe you are going through a change of lifestyle or diet (example: Vegan)

If you want or need help organising shared spaces or familiarize yourself with new ingredients...or simply trying to keep things at "kid's eye level" for their healthy snack options!


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