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Creating an accessible, well-organized kids space is a great way to encourage more meaningful, focused play at home. Children learn from their surrounding. Offering them an organised and calm environment naturally leads to a calm and confident child. 



Inspired by the Montessori method but guided by the fact that I am a very practical mum, I can help you  create a system that works. With toy storage ideas and organization techniques that will make it so intuitive that your kids will actually want to clean

...or at least try! 

Image by Taylor Heery


If your house is anything like ours, there are children books everywhere. There are so many rules to store them: we need shelves that are low, accessible, and preferably with forward facing book displays, limited in size and number, rotate them, keep them to a minimum, but give the child choice...
Sometimes we feel confused, but I can help you figure out the best solution for your family!

Kids Clothes


One area that tends to need a lot of attention is the kid’s closet. Clothes, underwear, and accessories need to be organized in an "easy to decode and reach" system. Also storage for grow-into clothes and a method to sort what is no longer fits.

Kids Clothing


The moment a child enters your life, clothes, toys, and other keepsakes begins to accumulate. While it’s normal to want to hang on to some of them to remember special moments, the clutter can quickly pile up. Sentimental items that aren’t stored well can be damaged. We need to prioritize: figuring out what you want displayed, what to keep as a memory, and what you just need to let go of!

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