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What is a P.O. (Professional Organiser)?

When you hear “professional organiser” you may think that we only work with hoarders or that we are house cleaners or that we organise events but we are not.


So who is a Professional Organiser? 


We are frequently asked this question! A Professional Organiser works with individuals, families, and businesses to help reduce clutter and organise space, time, and their life. Our goal is to help change the way that space is used. Professional organisers are advisors and doers.

What really happens when you hire me? How does my organising process work?

EVALUATE: during our FREE 30 minute consultation, I will ask you questions like:

What function, mission or purpose will this space serve?

How do you want this space to best serve you? 

PLAN: once we know what to improve, we can plan how! You will receive my FREE no obligation quote with all the details about the next step to take.

DECLUTTER: we will sort and identify what to keep from what keeps us.

ORGANISE: with or without the help of products, I get to assign each item a home and create effective systems for storing and retrieving your items.

MAINTAIN:"keep it organised” requires ongoing effort and I would love to help create new habits to maintain your success.

- DISPOSE: at the end of the session I will take care of what is no longer needed or unwanted; If possible donated or disposed of properly. 

Do you need a Professional Organiser? 

​Think about the following statements: 

  • You feel overwhelmed when you open drawers and closets.

  • You desire to learn how to efficiently sort, purge and organise your stuff.

  • You have boxes in your closet or garage you haven’t looked at in years.

  • You can't see the surface of your desk or kitchen bench under piles of unsorted stuff.

  • you have tried to organise your home and gave up, either because you were frustrated or simply didn’t have the time to dedicate to it

  • Piles of clothes, accessories, outdoor equipment and books accumulate, you don’t even know which items you own, so you keep buying new stuff.

  • You wish you could find space within the space you already have

What do you think now?

As a professional organiser, I get it!


Book your Free 30 Minute Consultation with me and we will find the best possible way to approach this situation together!

Not sure or you still have questions?


Halswell, Christchurch


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