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I am Shara, Italian through and through! I chose New Zealand as my home in 2013!

If you ask my parents they will tell you that my greatest gift is being able to solve problems thanks to my determination (or stubbornness)!

I have always had a different and unique approach to things, and it hasn't been easy to find a job that brings my strengths to life.

Looking over my life, from my past work experience, to my relationships with people, and many other areas, all point towards a common thread for helping others. Now, more than ever, as a wife and mother, exploring effective strategies, maintaining order and finding priorities are all nuances of my human spirit!

 Being a Professional Organiser (P.O.) is my happy place...and space!  


My motto "Space for yourself" means that I am well equipped and passionate in helping you reduce, declutter and reorganise your environment in order to create a healthy and positive space for YOU!


In an unregulated field such as that of Professional Organisers,

I have undertaken courses to unsure quality assurance.

I am a proud Member of the IOPO (The Institute of Professional Organisers in Australasia.

I am Insured, registered with ACC, and

 I have carried out and passed Police Checks.

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